PERQ, who's FATWIN Web Engagement platform is used to increase conversion from existing web traffic, had recently undergone a rebranding effort. I was tasked to work with our lead designer to build a brand new website that better embodied PERQ's brand, culture, and new product solutions. Since PERQ's marketing department would be responsible for future content and copy updates, I needed to include a CMS to provide an easy solution for updates.

The final project was built on top of Wordpress to provide easy access to content changes. Custom templates were created to facilitate the addition of new pages that already contain styles and content layout.

Responsive Design

Throughout this project, I kept a sharp focus on supporting both mobile and desktop. At the time, Google had begun penalizing websites that weren't optimized for mobile.

Utilizing Google's PageSpeed tool, I optimized multiple points across the website to improve it's speed on both desktop and mobile. I focused on minimizing the production assets and on server caching optimizations. Learning from this experience, I would have liked to utilize a build tool, like gulp, to automatically do more like minifying and combining javascript and css.


I'm currently interested in using immutable models, flux design pattern, and docker for scalability and platform agnostic development.